Ceremonial Opening of Newly Erected Parapet (Bodhi Prakaraya) & Budu Geya

The religious ceremonial opening of the newly erected parapet (Bodhi Prakaraya) and sacredly placing of the Buddha statues inside the shrines and renovated Budi geya held under the patronage of the Commander Eastern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Ruwan Perera on 29th October 2020 at Marine Force Headquarters, SLNS Vidura , Sampoor, Trincomalee.

This religious meritorious event was started in sacredly placing of Buddha statues at the renovated main shrine and 04 shrine of Bodhi Prakaraya, and ceremonial opening of the renovated Budu geya followed by Bodhi Pooja Pinkama conducted by the Venarable Rathnasara thero of Purana Gal Kanda Mahaviharaya.

The Commandant and the Commanding Officer with officers and Senior & Junior sailors of SLNS Vidura and 1st Marine battalion participated in the event to pay their homage.